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When editing documents with Microsoft Word there are two small things that I do all the time:

  • to group few lines together on the same page , in other words to be sure that the paragraph is not splitĀ  between two pages when I modify the text above.
  • to group few words together on the same line, in other words to not split those words between two lines

Here are the tricks how you can do it in Microsoft Word 2010.

Let's start with the 1st thing: group few lines to stay together on the same page .

So, first select the text that you want to group, then mouse right click and select Paragraph, like in the picture below:

ms word select paragraph

ms word select paragraph

You will see a popup where you can set the paragraph properties, select the Line and Page Breaks tab and check the boxes Window/Orphan control and Keep lines together, just like bellow and press OK button. Now you are sure that the selected block will always stay on the same page.
ma word set paragraph keep lines together

Now the 2nd thing: group words together, on the same line.

E.g. You will want to do it when you have a formula and you want to me sure that the entire formula will stay on the same line/row.

The solution is next one:

  • write the words/phrase that you want to group
  • replace the SPACEs with no breaking spaces using CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE, now we are sure that our words will always stay on the same line.

E.g. in the picture below we have a formula in bold, just replace the ALL the spaces in that formula with CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE and new we are safe.

ms word group words together

group words together


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