Feb 052017
Identical Files Finder

 Google Play Identical Files Finder Android application. The main idea was to have a very small size application (apk size is ~1.5MB), to not waste to much space on disk. Also the application can be moved to external SD card, to save space of internal phone/tablet storage. It works for all Android v4.0+ phone and tablet … Read Full Article

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Oct 102016
Convert Garmin FIT file to GPX with Turtle Sport

Short tutorial (to not forget) Install Turtle Sport Connect your Garmin device to PC or transfer the FIT files to your PC After opening Turtle Sport , do next steps: From Race menu choose Import Select Garmin_Device:/GARMIN/ACTIVITY folder Choose the proper FIT file. Sorting by date may help. A popup will apear, set Save checkbox on and click … Read Full Article

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Oct 162015
Steam Is Slow

Few days ago installed STEAM platform on my computer (Windows 10) , just wanted a play a game. The GUI was very very slowly. It took me few minutes just to create and enable an account. Then to browse and install the applications store was impossible. Thens searching on the net I’ve found different hints/solutions. … Read Full Article

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