Feb 242017

Allview broken touchscreenFew days one friend just broke his phone touch screen, and the half bottom of the screen  didn't respond anymore. So, no chance to interact anymore with it.

He wanted to transfer all the files from the phone to the PC, but when the USB data cable is inserted the phone is asking what to do with USB connection:

  • Charge only
  • View photos
  • File copy

He wanted the last option "Files copy" to access the internal storage, but the phone does not respond and starts with default option "Charge Only". Looks like there is no chance to copy any file.

Fortunately on my PC I have Android Studio installed, and it comes with the "adb" tool (Android Debug Bridge).  It lets you to communicate with the Android devices connected on the PC. Here is what I've done to copy the content of entire internal storage to PC.

With bold are the command that I've run , and in blue bold are the comments/hints.
First step is to identify the path of the phone storage,
it is different from vendor to vendor and one Android version to other.
C:\Users\mark>adb shell ls -l /
-rw-r--r-- root root 663 1970-01-01 02:00 seapp_contexts
-rw-r--r-- root root 231669 1970-01-01 02:00 sepolicy
drwxrwx--- radio system 1970-01-01 02:00 spdata
drwxr-x--x root sdcard_r 2017-02-24 18:36 storage
dr-xr-xr-x root root 2017-02-24 18:36 sys
drwxr-xr-x root root 1970-01-01 02:00 system
-rw-r--r-- root root 6729 1970-01-01 02:00 ueventd.rc
lrwxrwxrwx root root 2017-02-24 18:36 vendor -> /system/vendor

C:\Users\mark>adb shell ls -l /storage
drwxrwx--x root sdcard_r 1970-01-01 02:00 sdcard0
drwx------ root root 2017-02-24 18:36 sdcard1

C:\Users\mark>adb shell df /storage/*
Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize
/storage/sdcard0 7.2G 4.5G 2.7G 4096
/storage/sdcard1 0.0K 0.0K 0.0K 4096
Based on whet we see above, looks like the storage path is /storage/sdcard0 .
Let's copy it using "adb pull" command.
First the command will build the list of files to be transferred,

then will start transfer and will notify us about the progress status.

C:\Users\mark>adb pull /storage/sdcard0 D:\tmp\bkp_from_allview_internal
[ 24%] /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/Camera/IMG_20141227_141226.jpg: 16%
/storage/sdcard0/: 1218 files pulled. 0 files skipped. 3.2 MB/s (4717973504 bytes in 1406.642s)

That's all folk!

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Feb 052017

 Google Play Identical Files Finder Android application.
The main idea was to have a very small size application (apk size is ~1.5MB), to not waste to much space on disk.
Also the application can be moved to external SD card, to save space of internal phone/tablet storage.

It works for all Android v4.0+ phone and tablet devices .

Here is the detailed description about how to use the application.

Step 0

Only if you have Android v6.0+ .

Allow Read/Write on external storage

Allow Read/Write on external storage

First you have to allow access to READ/WRITE photo, media and files.
For older versions of Android it is done/asked when you install the applications.

Step 1

Select storage Disks, and filter search by files size.

Select storage Disks, and filter search by files size.

Here we select the disks we want to scan, and also filter the files by size. If no minimum and maximum size are set, all the files will be search.


Step 2

Create groups of files having the same size.

Create groups of files having the same size.

Start to scan every selected disk and builds groups with files having the same size.


Step 3

Progress status

Progress status

No action is required for this steps. It just shows you the progress status.

Info about total number of groups having files of the same size, how many files we have in the current group, size of each file in the current group.

Step 4

Select files to be deleted

Select files to be deleted

Select files that we want to delete. For each group where we have selected at least one file, the color associated with the group will change.

We can sort the groups by files' size  or by number of files in group ; both are in ascending order.

We can unselect or select all files.

When we decided what files we want to delete, just press DELETE button.


Step 5

Confirm files to be deleted

Confirm files to be deleted

Confirm that this is the list of files that we want to delete. Info related to the number of files and the total disk size that will be freed are provided.

Step 6

Only for Android v4.4.* (KitKat)

Files from external SD card can not be deleted.

Files from external SD card can not be deleted.

On android version v4.4.* applications are not allowed to write/deleted in other folders except the folder associated with respective applications. So, we can not delete any file stored here. The list with such files are provided, and they have to be deleted connecting the phone as storage device to a PC.

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Oct 102016

Short tutorial (to not forget)

  • Install Turtle Sport
  • Connect your Garmin device to PC or transfer the FIT files to your PC
  • After opening Turtle Sport , do next steps:
    1. From Race menu choose Import

      Race -> Import

      Race -> Import

    2. Select Garmin_Device:/GARMIN/ACTIVITY folder

      Select Garmin Device:/GARMIN/ACTIVITY folder


    3. Choose the proper FIT file. Sorting by date may help.

      Choose the FIT file. Sorting by date may help.

      Choose the FIT file. 

    4. A popup will apear, set Save checkbox on and click Save button.

      Set Save checkbox on and click Save button.

      Set Save checkbox on and click Save button.

    5. You may have a short review on the activity, to be sure that it is what you want.

      Review activity

      Review activity

    6. Export the activity as GPX file. HRM data should be in.

      turtle_sport_6_race_export_gpx exchange format

      Export as GPX

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Sep 252016

I'm just putting here this command to remember it next time when I need it.

Problem to be solved

When SD card of my photo camera is full I just upload the photos to my NAS server NSA320 . After that usually I do some cleanup and one of the steps is to move the video (there are not only photos)  files from the the photo/ directory to other location.

Until now I did this step manually, to save time I was thinking to make it automatic.


This is what I want to do:

  1. Get shell access on my NSA320 , to do this I've installed ffp (Fonz fun_plug). It is a collection of packages for NSA320 that includes a ssh server.
  2. After geting ssh access in step 1, I need to create a small scrip to move all the video files from $SOURCE_DIR to $DST_DIR. All video means files with next extensions:
    • .MOV (has to be no case sensitive)
    • .MPG/MP4 (has to be no case sensitive)
    • .AVI (has to be no case sensitive)

I'm using rsync command.

rsync -rav --remove-source-files --exclude '*' --include '*/' --include '*.[Mm][Oo][Vv]' --include '*.[Mm][pP][4gG]' --include '*.[Aa][Vv][Ii]'  --prune-empty-dirs $SOURCE_DIR  $DST_DIR

The meaning of the arguments:

  • -r = to go recursively on the entire $SOURCE_DIR
  • -a = archive mode, it means to preserve most of the attributes of the files. For me important was last modified time
  • -v = verbose; I just wanted to have a list with files that have been moved.
  • --remove-source-files = to remove from source dir the files that have been copied to destination.
  • --exclude '*' = by default exclude all files; except the one passed to "--include" switches
  • --include '*/' =  include directories in teh list of files that have to be moved
  • --include '*.[Mm][Oo][Vv]' = include files with .MOV extension; no case sensitive. Similar for .MPG, .MP4, .AVI
  • --prune-empty-dirs = do not copy empty dirs from source to destination

At the end of the command you will noticed something like this:

sent 24287985339 bytes received 8458 bytes 12766356.79 bytes/sec
total size is 24511383985 speedup is 1.01

On my NSA320 it took few minutes to move ~23GB.

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Oct 162015

Few days ago installed STEAM platform on my computer (Windows 10) , just wanted a play a game. The GUI was very very slowly. It took me few minutes just to create and enable an account. Then to browse and install the applications store was impossible. Thens searching on the net I've found different hints/solutions. The want that worked for me was to change the settings for Internet Options. Just go to ControlPanel->Network and Ineternet->Inernet Optins, and a popup will appear.  In this new popup select Connections tab and then LAN Settings. After that uncheck the option Automatically detect settings, like in the picture below. After doing this everything was fast, tens of times faster.

Set "Automatically detect settings" off

Set "Automatically detect settings" off

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Aug 062015

Lara, Antalya, Turkey

shot taken on July 2015 in Lara-Kundu, Antalya, Turkey

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May 082014

Few days ago my 10 years washing machine Beko WM3552M stops to work.

Symptoms: it spins for 1-2 seconds and then nothing happens. The vacuum pump works, the same water heater.

I was checking the PCB , it looks OK. So, I was thinking that probable are the carbon brushes. I've changed them and it was working, I was lucky. Because was not easy to identify and to replace the brushes I want to share with you haw to do it.

What you need for this:

  • a cross (+) screw
  • a lamp; the brushes are placed in no accessible places so you may need some extra light

First o all you have to cut the power supply, cut water supply too.

Next thing to do is to remove the back cover (there are 5 cross screws), this will give some light inside of the washing machine and also you can easy manipulate the machine for next step.

Put the washing machine on its side , with the soapbox on the bottom, like in picture below.

beko washing machine

Put washing machine on its side (soapbox on bottom)

It's important that the corner with PCB (red dot) to be on upper side; if there is still some water into the machine, at least it will not be drawn on PCB.

Now we have access on the bottom of the washing machine, there  is no cover to remove or something like this.

Below is a picture where the motor is visible.  In the picture below the brushes have already been removed. But we can see where they are located, and see that any of them is fixed by the motor with 2 screws (again cross screws). One location (upper brush) is very visible, but not the same we can tell about the 2nd one.

Beko washing machine from bottom

Beko washing machine from bottom

For a better visibility I have two other shots from the back of the motor (camera) was in the yellow circle position.

beko washing machine brushes

beko washing machine brushes


beko washing machine -brushes location

beko washing machine -brushes location

After you have removed the brushes replace them with the new ones. To be sure that I replace them with the proper brushes I've go with the old ones to the store, and clerk provide me exactly what I needed  . As you notice in the last picture, it is obvious that the old ones have come to the end of lifetime.

beko washing machine - old brush vs. new brush

beko washing machine - old brush vs. new brush

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Jan 232014

When editing documents with Microsoft Word there are two small things that I do all the time:

  • to group few lines together on the same page , in other words to be sure that the paragraph is not split  between two pages when I modify the text above.
  • to group few words together on the same line, in other words to not split those words between two lines

Here are the tricks how you can do it in Microsoft Word 2010.

Let's start with the 1st thing: group few lines to stay together on the same page .

So, first select the text that you want to group, then mouse right click and select Paragraph, like in the picture below:

ms word select paragraph

ms word select paragraph

You will see a popup where you can set the paragraph properties, select the Line and Page Breaks tab and check the boxes Window/Orphan control and Keep lines together, just like bellow and press OK button. Now you are sure that the selected block will always stay on the same page.
ma word set paragraph keep lines together

Now the 2nd thing: group words together, on the same line.

E.g. You will want to do it when you have a formula and you want to me sure that the entire formula will stay on the same line/row.

The solution is next one:

  • write the words/phrase that you want to group
  • replace the SPACEs with no breaking spaces using CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE, now we are sure that our words will always stay on the same line.

E.g. in the picture below we have a formula in bold, just replace the ALL the spaces in that formula with CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE and new we are safe.

ms word group words together

group words together


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Jan 192014

Eclipse and VIM are my favorite editors. For tasks that requires a lot of coding and especially for java Eclipse is the best, but it requires a lot of resources (CPU and RAM). When I have to modify just couple of lines, then VIM is the choice; I fix the code faster that Eclipse starts.

For both cases there are situations when you would like to see the lines number. Here is how I do it.
In VIM, having the editor open in command mode, just type :set number, or only :set nu.
Here is the result:

vim show lines number

vim show lines number

To revert it (make lines number not visible), just type :set no number, or :set nonu

To make the lines number visible in Eclipse, we have to play a little with the menu entries: Window->Preferences, a popup will open and then select in the tree General->>Editors->Text Editors and check the Show line numbers, just like bellow

And the result is something like this:

Eclipse show lines number

Eclipse show lines number