Oct 102016

Short tutorial (to not forget)

  • Install Turtle Sport
  • Connect your Garmin device to PC or transfer the FIT files to your PC
  • After opening Turtle Sport , do next steps:
    1. From Race menu choose Import

      Race -> Import

      Race -> Import

    2. Select Garmin_Device:/GARMIN/ACTIVITY folder

      Select Garmin Device:/GARMIN/ACTIVITY folder


    3. Choose the proper FIT file. Sorting by date may help.

      Choose the FIT file. Sorting by date may help.

      Choose the FIT file. 

    4. A popup will apear, set Save checkbox on and click Save button.

      Set Save checkbox on and click Save button.

      Set Save checkbox on and click Save button.

    5. You may have a short review on the activity, to be sure that it is what you want.

      Review activity

      Review activity

    6. Export the activity as GPX file. HRM data should be in.

      turtle_sport_6_race_export_gpx exchange format

      Export as GPX

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Oct 132013

It's autumn in Romania, rainy days have come. The GPS satellites are hiding behind the clouds, and  because of that Sports Tracker (on Android) shows me strange routes, see next picture.

no_agps Today in Bucharest was a very cloudy day, and no chance to see any satellite . I've decide to enable the aGPS (assisted GPS) on my phone to see if I get better results. In less than 20 seconds it found my locations, and the differences are more than obvious , much closer to the reality.  Broadband data transferred for this run (~20 minutes) was about 0.5 MB  (looks like Sports Tracker is downloading also some data from google maps).

For better results you need to have Wi-Fi ON, even if you are not connected to them. aGPS is using the SSID of the routers to "guess" the best coordinates.



On 2nd picture is the route tracked with aGPS ON:

  • packet data activated
  • WI-FI on, even if I'm not connected to any of the WIFI routers


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Jun 122013

Really handy http://YouTube-mp3.org

It is the easiest online service for converting videos to mp3. You do not need an account, the only thing needed is a YouTube URL.

Sometime you like a song on youtube and you would like to get only the audio part.

It's easy now: just go to youtube, find the song, copy the url something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEox1524n9Q , go to http://YouTube-mp3.org, you will notice a form with single input and one button named "Convert Video". Just paste the url to that form, like below; and submit the form.



That's all folks,
in few seconds you you get the audio part in mp3 format.

It always works, I do not know how they are doing but the ads are skip from the final mp3 file, just perfect to be used as ringtone :).

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Sep 082011

Hello world!

Finally I have my own site 🙂

After years of experience on web development, wordpress themes customization, and programming in a lot of languages; I've decide to create my own blog.

Hello World

I hope that I'll have enough free time to write something (useful) on this blog.
In the future expect to have few posts related to:

  • databases:
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
  • HTML/CSS stuff
  • Other (non IT related stuff)

More details about myself are here

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