Aug 232013

Very often from TCL scripts we may want to execute external commands. But not always they also available, sometime the command that we want to execute may not exist on the respective machine. One solution is to put the exec command in a catch { exect $your_command $arg1 $arg2 … } and then to check if it … Read Full Article

Aug 232013
virtualbox: how to acccess apache webserver installed on guest (linux - Debian) from host (windows 7)

Few days ago I’ve installed VirtualBox from Oracle on my windows7 machine because I needed a linux where to play with apache webserver. The instalation was very easy (I assume that internet is available on the host system :D) Installed VirtualBox Created a guest machine for Debian Downloaded Debian Netinstall Image; it is a small … Read Full Article

Aug 202013

One of the most difficult task to do in tcsh is to  redirect the stdout and stderr into separated files. I’m not doing this very often, and because of this I always forget how to do it. Every time when I need to do such a thing I spend tens of minutes trying different combination … Read Full Article