Jun 122013
convert YouTube to mp3

Really handy http://YouTube-mp3.org It is the easiest online service for converting videos to mp3. You do not need an account, the only thing needed is a YouTube URL. Sometime you like a song on youtube and you would like to get only the audio part. It’s easy now: just go to youtube, find the song, … Read Full Article

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Jun 072013

Firefox has become very slow. It takes too much time to load any page. Google mail page almost impossible to load. Not talking about flash based pages/games ; they never loaded in teh last couple of weeks. I was trying for days to fix the problem. The only working solution seems to be a reset … Read Full Article

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Jun 062013
just in time debugger error

I using an windows XP since almost 7 years, never reinstalled. Everything was fine… OK, maybe it is too slow for now days, but it is runing on a Pentium4 (max speed 3.4 GHz). So, everything was fine until today, after uninstalling some unused software applications after the reboot I got tens of times messages … Read Full Article